Frequently Asked

Questions about elev3n

Why did you choose elev3n as your name?

We chose the name elev3n as a reminder that we as a human race have unlimited power. Through 11 we have channeled that creative force into changing how we perceive health and wholeness globally. 11 is the symbol in numerology for our power as humans to overcome limitations and harness the energy of manifestation.

What does the OM symbol mean, and why do you use it?

The Om is an ancient Sanskrit symbol that stands for all of life and our ability as humans to find wholeness through self-care and mindfulness. It originates from the Hindu Vedas, which is known as a symbol of all life. At Elev3n we are connecting our communities, creating open spaces for reflection and self care.
Today the Om is a symbol for self-care and connection with the universe. Many yoga studios, mindfulness communities and the like have adopted the Om as one of their symbols. The om is a reminder to take a moment, breathe deep, and find the balance within nature.

Can I sell my products in the elev3n Marketplace?

Yes! Our marketplace is open to vendors of the highest integrity in the organic, holistic, and alternative realms.

What will I be able to use this platform for?

elev3n's primary focus is to connect clients to practitioners.
By offering clients a wider range of payment options such as Bitcoin, Alipay, HSA and financing we provide access to a global market. Practitioners registered on the elev3n website will have an opportunity to increase their client base and business volume at little to no additional cost to them.
Practitioners will also be able to streamline their operations utilizing the "book me" function which is a calendar for scheduling appointments that syncs with the practitioner's calendar.
Client information with electronic forms will be stored in the cloud and will be fully encrypted.
Clients will benefit by participating in elev3n's "11 point" customer experience rating system so that they can help influence service levels for themselves and others.
elev3n will host an extensive online marketplace that will enable clients to perform one-stop shopping when it comes to the products they are seeking in the alternative health care product's realm.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

Sign up is completely free!

Why does elev3n donate 11% of our profits?

As a community focused on global healing, elev3n supports social causes that have an effect on humanity and the environment. By joining the elev3n community, you are participating in the transformation of mankind. 11 percent of profits goes to benefit the world's most pressing issues. These are the 11 we contribute to.
  • Clean Water
  • Food Integrity
  • Environmental Protection
  • Community Outreach
  • Free and Clean Energy
  • Global Health Outreach
  • Political Transparency
  • Open Source (Media)
  • Stable Global Economy
  • Free Access to Education Worldwide
  • Research that Benefits Humanity and the Planet